Meeting Minutes

Our April 2020 meeting is CANCELLED. 

The first official meeting of the year was held March 11, 9 members were present. Membership renewals and new memberships are still available.

The Treasurers report was presented and club balance is $5,704. copy of report given to Secretary.

Ron Mienheart rescinded his proposal for constitution revisions on dues payment dates, no changes will be made.

Ron also proposed rolling the field to get it smooth for landings etc. and will be looking more into that.

There will be a field maintenance and repair day on Saturday, April 11, starting at 9:00 AM. This will be to make repairs to the fence and other miscellaneous upgrades. The field will be closed to flying during this work.

There was discussion about the layout of the field and President Jerry Heffron will be convening a group of officers to look at the field layout and functions.

The April meeting will be held Wednesday April 8.
Stop down for 6:00 PM dinner at Pebble Creek Golf Course Clubhouse. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM.

Don't Forget:

Paypal is available to use to pay your dues.
Please make payment to:
Dues are $60, ($65 when paying with Paypal)

Our Next Meeting will be February 12th @ 7 pm. We will meet at the Pebble Creek Country Club. Hope to see you there! 

Our Meetings Take Place the 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 7:00. We will meet at the field during the summer months and at Pebble Creek County Club the Winter Months. 

                                                    2019 June RAF Meeting :

Start: 7 PM                                                                                                                    End: 7:25 PM

Members Present: Jerry Heffron, Paul Wiley, Sam Clark, Doug Bruce, Mike Demeter, Ron Mienheartt, John Tolbert, Clark Buttner, Randy Adams, John Dayeo 

Secretary report: Sam Clark made motion to accept minutes as supplied, 2nd Paul Wiley

Treasures report: $4063.66 motion to accept Paul Wiley 2nd Sam Clark. 

Vice President’s report: Here’s something that is really cool!. Sam Clark, Paul Wiley, Tony Gronas Flew in a program called “Wings For Kids” in Louisville Ky. It’s a benefit for Norton's Children's Hospital and they raised 48K at the RC airshow which helps purchase medical equipment. They had the opportunity to see the new medical Helicopter that this money has gone toward purchasing. What a great benefit! I’m very proud of our club members for their participation. 

Safety Officer’s report:  N/A   

Equipment status report: All Good

Field reportsGrass is being maintained very well.

Old Business: 1) Interest in raising the membership limit? At this time the club is at its limit of 45   
New Business:    1) Thanks to Doug for taking Joe’s place on the mowing schedule.
                            2) 2 starting stands need new wheels, Jerry to take care of. 
                            3) Send out Pay Pal info. 

Tabled Discussion: ) Forest Pilkenton needs to attend a meeting to introduce himself to be voted                                            

Next Meeting:  July 10, 2019 at 7pm

Events:  Dawn Patrol meeting at Aero Modelers July 19,20th.
            Toledo weak signal 
             Mint Julep at Rose wood
             R/C and control line scale “Nats”.  
           Refer to “Model Airplane News “ for dates and times.

                                                    2019 May RAF Meeting :
Start:  PM 7:05                                                                                                                   End:  PM

Members Present: The unofficial count of members present was 17, a good turn out.

 Secretary report: Paul Wiley motion to accept the April minutes as supplied with no discussion. Sam  
                                 Clark 2nd the motion, all approved.

Treasures report: $4131.42 as the balance after the Field lease payment, Lawn mower repair, 
                                  And a check to Tony for the gravel required to repair the drive way. Sam Clark
                                  Made motion to accept Treasurers report as reported, Paul Wiley  2nd the motion,
                                  all approved. 

Vice President’s report: No Report 

Safety Officer’s report: Tony reminded all members to be VERY vigilant not to fly behind the flight line,
                                           which is the closest low-cut grass to the runway in the safety zone. We have had 
                                           pilots fly behind that. line. It’s early in the flying season so we are all scraping 
                                           the rust off of our flying skills. Please be careful.    

Equipment status report: All working great at this time.

Field reports:  Noted already 2 weeks into the mowing season and we need to remind those on the 
                           mowing that especially in the spring it’s very important to stick to the schedule. And
                           if unable PLEASE call one of the names at the bottom of the schedule. Joe Feldman is
                           going to be removed from the mowing schedule due to a very tough work schedule that
                           none of us would like, thanks for your help up to this point Joe, trust me we all 
                           Paul Wiley had the Port-o-John located at the field, and ready for use.
Old Business: 1) Approval to pay to have the gravel ordered and spread if club approves.
                              Tony was able to get the gravel spread in the drive and get the mud hole filled in the 
                              Parking area. 
New Business
                            1)Discuss about all the members on Saturday’s and being members and how to police it. 
                               With all the present members attended we had a spirited and good discussion. It was
                                agreed on that all members should be policing the issue of the number of times that 
                                guest fly and making sure that ALL guest have a AMA membership. We refered the 
                                to the published Field rules about guest.

                               3) Also, there was discussion of lifting the membership limit to be unlimited, again a                                                                                                               
                                    short slightly spirited conversation, but was decided to discuss at a later date.   
 Tabled Discussion: Why is there air and the meaning of life?

Next Meeting: Next meeting June, 12 7pm.

Events:              May 24-25, 2019        7 annual IOK Dawn Patrol, Airmasters 10414               Miami , North Bend, Ohio 45052 

   March 2018 RAF Meeting :

Start: 7:15 PM                                                                                                                  End: 8:15 PM

Members Present: Clark Butner, Jerry Heffron, Jean Heffron, Tony Gronas, Doug Bruce, Mary Bruce, Mike Demeter, Ron Mienheartt, Bob Wiley, Paul Wiley, Michelle Sarama, Bob Sarama, Linda Wiley, Ted Blair

Secretary report: Paul Wiley made a motion to accept the February minutes as supplied by e-mail, second Bob Wiley
Gary Goodpaster e-mail

Treasures report: $ 3014.12 Jan, Feb,March  Pw/ Bw

Vice President’s report: Paul Has sent Sanctioning $ 120. Includes insurance. R/m made motion to givre check to paul for 120. Second T/G   

Safety Officer’s report:     

Equipment status report: Tony asked about servicing the hydraulic fluid in lawn mower and Mike stated that it was taken care of as per manual.

Field reports:   

Old Business: To all members who have not paid your flying privileges will be revoked as of March 31st 2018!!!!.
Going to discuss adding $10 add’l to membership dues for delinquent paying members.
Field cleanup date is April 21st 9am.
Tony is supplying new wind sock.
Check paint in shed to repaint sheds.   

New Business:
Proposed Ross Area Flyers Constitution Changes: Red=Removed Green=Added

2.4 Dues and Fees
Dues of the RAF are fifty-five ($55) Sixty ($60) per calendar year. They are due and payable on January 1st. Dues shall be paid by check, money order, or cash. Treasurer is to give receipt (or membership card) for same. ( Amended in 1993) An ignition fee of Fifty ($50) will be required from new members.  Dues only will be pro-rated by quarters for those entering the club at times other than the beginning of the tear.
A member whose dues are not paid by February 1st is delinquent. The Treasurer will provide the names to the Secretary for action.
The Secretary will notify the delinquent member in writing that he is delinquent and if dues are not paid by April 1st , his membership will be terminated.

When such action has occurred, the President will advise the membership at the next meeting. (All flying privileges will be revoked at that time including flying as a guest).
A ten ($10) penalty will be imposed on reinstatement of these members.

 Jerry stated that he would let us know 1 week before next meeting whether or not the meeting will be held at the field or golf course .
 Special thanks goes to Michelle Sarama  for getting our new web site up and running the web site up and running. Stand by for more details.

Tabled Discussion: Mowing schedule

Next Meeting: April 11th 2018 7pm

Events: Air Masters Dawn Patrol date May 25th and 26th.
              Aeromodulers Dawn Patrol July 20th and 21st.

Tony made motion to close meeting, all seconded

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